Capital Payroll Services is one of the numerous Scottish bureaus using pensionsync. However, the CPS business model is slightly different in that the majority of its clients are other accountants from around the UK.

Rather than churning out payslips in a factory process, Suzie, Lizann and Nicola employ a more consultative approach, meaning that they work with their numerous clients to establish processes and bespoke management reporting that meets the business objectives of those clients.

CPS was one of the first Star bureaus to start using pensionsync and has continued to lead the way, being the first to pass the 100 scheme mark (and are inexorably heading towards 150).

Excitingly, Suzie, Lizann and Nicola have achieved this without any input from either Star or pensionsync, they just got on with it and started adding schemes.

“It’s been great. We’ve put a lot of our schemes to pensionsync and it’s saved a lot of time.”

“We’ve required very little support as even if there are errors, we use the detailed error messages on pensionsync to resolve the issue in payroll. We’ve achieved really significant time savings with pensionsync. Because it is totally integrated with Star, we can run everything within our payroll software, including sending the feeds, managing and errors and even downloading opt out notifications. We’re saving around 50 hours a month of manual processing by using pensionsync – that’s comfortably over a week’s worth of resource every single month! A lot of our schemes are with NEST, and it does take a little while (20-30 minutes) for the scheme connection to be established. But don’t let this put you off. That’s a one-off process and once complete the monthly processing is really quick. And because everything is so efficient, we’ve still got the capacity to take on additional accountants who want to outsource their payroll services.”

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